Welcome Letter

IKCC is a network of churches founded in 2000 for embracing and celebrating while building and encouraging Bishops, Pastors, ministers and leaders of all denominations, race, ethnic and economic backgrounds who will build healthy churches and communities as they set an example of godly character while spreading the gospel and principles of the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

It’s a network of churches that cross-pollinate as bees do to produce honey by taking nectar from every plant and moving from plant to plant to make that plant healthy; each church in the network looking and reaching beyond the walls of our individual churches being supportive of one another with its strength and spirit of excellence to make up the shortcomings or needs to glorify not man’s but God’s Kingdom. Therefore becoming that universal body with every brick fitly joined together (Eph. 4:16).

At this time we are re-establishing and re-constructing IKCC. We know there are Bishops, Pastors, ministers, leaders, and churches who need a network like IKCC for the much-needed encouragement due to the challenges we face as leaders, churches and just being a Christian in today society. Join us as we connect to spread the gospel and principles of the Kingdom of God throughout the world.

Connecting the Kingdom,
Bishop, Dr. Stanley B. Searcy, Sr.
Founder/Presiding Bishop