The Annual Pastoral and Leadership Conference upon request and consideration will move to other cities outside the headquarters of IKCC. The protocol will be that the host pastor be responsible for hosting the conference. The headquarters with approval from the Presiding Bishops of the Churches will disperse a reimbursement check from the monetary funds collected from the monthly support of the Pastors and Bishops for the expense of the conference to secure all necessary provisions upon reception of receipts and account balances that has been forward to the headquarters for approval.

When the offering is taken up at the Annual Pastoral and Leadership Conference and other special events of IKCC it shall be counted with Eldership, Deacons along with Deacons and Eldership of the host church. A tally should be made and reported back to the Presiding Bishop should aide in the raising of offering and a report should be given to the headquarters of IKCC.

A discussion should be made after the Pastor and Leadership Conference and other special events on what works and what didn’t work. The Presiding Bishop and College of Bishops should always seek to better the network in a strategy session.

Our goal is first and foremost to make one another strong and not to be a burden.